How Starkling helps your business



By now you know that startups come in many forms. They often times begin in the halls of mature enterprises. But one thing is always true – they must be lean. Whether your world changing vision is a web product, an embedded application, or highly niche enterprise software, we’ll get you to market on a boot strap budget. Let us be your MVP’s MVP!



It’s official, mobile apps are not a fad, they represent a business trend that is likely to continue it’s evolution and you are right to think there is a place in this immeasurable marketplace for you too. Whether for smart phones, tablets, or wearable technology, our talented team will bring your strategy and design to life – and to market.



While every product team would like if the demand on their in-house developers were normalized, the fact is that customer fundamentals won’t allow for that. To be successful you’re always designing and prototyping new products, or experiencing more support requirements than expected. Solving the ebb and flow can now be painless and not even require a call to HR. A new combination of productivity and flexibility is here.

Why Starkling?

Flexible Model

Whether you’re seeking a project basis relationship or you’d like to add three remote developers to an ongoing project, we can accommodate. Victory is yours!

Super talented

If there is a development technology or methodology our staffed software engineers aren’t intimately familiar with it, please show us. These guys rock, hard.


We document our steps in detail and keep it up to date, so that your extended thoughts can incorporate.


Yes it’s true, we lock our employees’ CVs in a vault. If anyone saw them it’d be hard to keep ‘em on our team. Organizationally we also have tons of business experience in various markets. We’re not just keystroking nerds.


Tons and tons of them. We’re committed to your success so that’s why you have a state-side liaison and a project manager making sure your goals are being realized.